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Zach Simmons


Alexander Cole

Writer – Executive Board

A child of the 90’s and the inner city, hailing from Washington DC, Alexander’s literary roots are something of a hodgepodge of Twain, C.S Lewis, Oppel, Koontz and Crichton. He has a love of strong narrative and character-driven fiction and gameplay, and seeks to guide his writing team as they craft universes and story-lines that impact the viewer on an emotive and intellectual level. His aim is for all who work with him to be able to take whatever measures are needed to advance their craft, whether that be a writing retreat, taking special training, purchasing books, or even a week off during rough times.


In three years he sees himself riding into work each morning on a motorcycle and catching lunch at the bar down the street while working on company documents. Eventually going to conventions and making his family proud as the company comes into its own. For Alex this is not ‘work’, this not a ‘profession’, this is art and play moving in tandem. His name is Alexander and he is a writer at Mjolnir Software.


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Filip Lopes

Programming Director – Executive Board

Filip Lopes is an adrenaline junkie, passionate scholar of Computer Science and Engineering, and self-taught 3D developer. He has developed a number of complex algorithms during his studies, including advanced pathway fractals on 2 dimensional vectors of traffic and highway simulations. His main interests lie with the design and implementation of high level languages. 3D development and Video Effects have become his main hobby and area of expertise. He has an ever-expanding repertoire of the latest innovative ways to bring new stunning visuals to the public. If you have a 3D development or programming question, he is your one stop shop.


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Adam Elliott Rush


Zachary D. McConnell


Rose-Ellen El Khoury

Writer, Editor – Executive Board

In spite of having been born and raised in Massachusetts, being a vocal fan at sporting events, attending an awesome all-women’s college, and also being a practicing attorney, Rose is usually easy-going and has an excellent sense of humor. She likes good music, bad movies, YA novels, puppies, and most of the people she’s related to.


Rose’s love of dinosaurs, military technology, and her attention to detail have been integral to the world-building and character/cultural elements of Mjolnir.


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Daehee Son



Additional contributions include: Providing 2D and 3D images of everything imaginable; conscientious feedback and teamwork, keeping aesthetic standards high; and a great sense of humor.

In addition to modeling and animating, Daehee excels in animal and human anatomy, and enjoys learning about mechanics and engineering. He is, quite simply, a “sci fi nerd :)”. Daehee is a self-proclaimed world-class nose-picking champion. He was born in Busan, South Korea, and currently lives in South Korea.

You can see more of his artwork here (ArtStation), here (DeviantArt), and here (personal blog).


At some point you’re going to get tired of what you’re doing, but suck it up, be a pro dude.


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Jarred Emanuel

IT Specialist, Systems Administrator and Organizer – Executive Board

His inspiration to pursue a game started at age 7. While watching the 101 Dalmatians live action movie, he saw the main character working on video games. He found he really want to do that job, to the point where he created his own design for a game and sent it to Nintendo. Since that point, he’s been completely bent on somehow getting involved in the industry.


Throughout his life he would write down various video game ideas that popped into his head, but it was not until his high school years when his vision became clear. During what was a time of great change in the video game industry, he discovered his talent lay in observing and predicting trends based on game content and design, as well as analyzing gamer feedback, a skill that would become a major asset to his involvement in the industry.


During his later teen years he befriended several like-minded gamers, who were also really observant of the trends and inter-workings of the gaming industry and believed they knew what it meant to make a truly great game. With knowledge and experience with diverse games of multiple genres, they all noticed the trends of the industry, which threatened the future of their favorite games. So they became inspired to imagine a new type of game developer that would challenge and transform the industry.


Eventually this lead him to meet the founder of Mjolnir, who shared his passion for change in the industry and similar vision for the future of the RTS genre that had brought them together. He readily offered his experience and knowledge to help synergize the various departments to ensure the final product is a seamless and cohesive experience from programming, to art, to story.


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David Smith

Writer, World-builder, Wiki Manager – Executive Board

David has always valued and sought knowledge and understanding of all kinds. Though he enjoys and excels in many subjects, ultimately his love of stories led him to study English. A professor once told him “English is the study of everything,” so he decided it would be perfect and eventually earned a degree in writing from the University of Texas at San Antonio.


Though he has great appreciation for a well-written book, he has always found himself drawn as much or more to other mediums of storytelling, such as TV, movies, and, of course, videogames, of which he has been an avid player and critic since his early childhood. He has long dreamed of ways to innovate the gaming medium, not just through gameplay, but also through storytelling.


During his college years, David couldn’t help but dream up worlds and universes for inevitable future stories. They were puzzles with infinite variables, spanning science, anthropology, philosophy, and other disciplines. Settings were his Sudoku and cultures his crossword puzzle.


With Mjolnir he lives his calling as a “world-builder”, where he sets all his knowledge to work constructing a cohesive, intricate, and fascinating universe wherein he plays God with the poor fictional inhabitants thereof. When not working, you can find him wandering about aimlessly, pondering unsolved mysteries, or playing and designing tabletop games, because, unlike God, David does sometimes play with dice.


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Kathryn Earnest

Relationship Manager, CFO – Executive Board

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Victor Nguyen

Joel Rowney


Jamie Shelley