Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mjolnir Software?

Mjolnir Software, LLC is an independent software development company, focusing on games. Mjolnir Software was filed as an LLC in 2013. The group began to form in 2011, and evolved over time. The initial RTS concepts were conceived approximately eight years ago. Ideas are contributed by everyone on the team, with our games being the results of these ideas.

We are a diverse, international team of programmers, artists, musicians, writers, designers, and entrepreneurs; unified by our passion for science fiction presented through the level of technology, artistic expression, and experience found only in games. We are currently working on the development of an arcade-style game, a mobile game, and an RTS game, all for multiple platforms, and each based in an original sci-fi universe of our own creation.

What games are you working on?

Mjolnir Software is currently maintaining or developing three games:

Crucible: A high definition interpretation of classic arcade games. Crucible became available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac in December of 2015.

Invasion: A mobile game wherein the play strategically explores procedurally-generated content as they infest and absorb the cosmos. In development.

Galaxy in Flames: A 4X RTS currently in development. Our flagship.

How can I download and play Crucible?

Please visit to learn more. Two versions of Crucible became available for download on on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac in December of 2015: ad-free for $0.99, and a version with ads offered for free.

How can I download and play Invasion?

Invasion will be made available on most platforms; it is currently in development.

How can I download and play Galaxy in Flames?

Galaxy in Flames is currently in development. GiF will be available on most 2015 and later platforms, and will be initially available for Windows x64 PCs DX11 cards or newer. Mac, Xbox One, and PS4 versions are planned for the future.

Which game engine do you use?

Mjolnir Software uses Unity, exclusively. Our systems and tools are highly customized, and some of our technologies are proprietary.

I have a lot of great ideas! How do I get involved?

We value your energy. Please sign up for the forum at, or drop us a line via

I'm an artist or coder, and I'd like to join the team!

Please send us a message and a link showcasing your work, and we will happily see if there’s a good fit. We’re all about team harmony, creativity, and critical thinking. Please visit to apply.