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Writer, World-builder, Wiki Manager - Board Member


Zach believes that even a small team of talented, inspired people can build amazing games. His lifelong love of gaming began in the early 90s with the TurboGrafx-16 and a Pacard-Bell Pentium 1 computer; and it was through these machines that he realized the creativity, personality, and power games convey.

As CEO, Zach oversees all areas of development, and believes that the best teams are built on a foundation of creativity and individual control, contribution, and influence. Zach keeps the team on a cohesive path, enabling Mjolnir to forge ahead as efficiently as possible. Everyone is a star and a team-player.

Zach lives in Indiana with his wife, Brenna, and son, Liam.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Work with Mjolnir

– CEO: Business functions, coordination of legal matters, team processing and organization, productivity app management
– Game Director & Designer: Originally conceived of the GiF foundations, having since collected, compiled, and written many resources for its design and development. Keeps everyone focused on the currently assigned projects, and takes the time to review every single detail without micromanaging
– Programmer: Primarily Unity development using C#

Additional contributions include: Hours spent integrating business and communication services and apps to maximize productivity; a constant flow of concepts and guidelines to the creative teams; interaction with every department; and countless hours of testing.