Artist Tyler Young claims he “creates worlds”, and when you view his works you spend those moments apart from your own, living in his. Brimming with details and awash in color, his scenes have a certain effect on the viewer, causing you to pause and gaze deep into the images. As the real universe is big, vibrant and beautiful, so too are Young’s paintings, succeeding in capturing the real and replicating it in digital form.

His work spans a wide range of locations, from cold, barren moons and lush alien landscapes down to fantastic, Earthly vistas, the iconic and essential work of a Carl Sagan or Ansel Adams  captured in beautiful panorama. But it is this strange familiarity with otherworldly imagery — a human knowledge that although we have not physically stepped out into space to touch stardust, our kinship with the universe is palpable through Hubble photographs — his paintings relate that this is our universe, our cosmic backyard. Young’s work fuses that familiarity with the impossibly huge, something so big and grand that a sense of depth and purpose issues out from the swirling colors, wispy gasses, luminous stars, and wonder of our minds made real.

Tyler Young was the guest artist for our game “Crucible”, available now on

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