Mjolnir Software announces the release of their first mini-game:


Independent developer of the hotly anticipated 4x RTS game “Galaxy in Flames” (TBA, 2019) is proud to welcome fans into a new era of gaming with a quick and fun glimpse into their rich universe.

The holidays are over, but the gifts continue! Mjolnir Software announces the worldwide launch of its initial offering to the gaming community with Crucible, a mini-game where players must pilot a small fighter-craft to avoid and destroy waves of asteroids. Gorgeous graphics and frenetic gameplay combine in a gaming experience that is at once reminiscent of days of early classic shooters and entirely new. Crucible utilizes early graphical assets from Mjolnir’s upcoming standalone strategy and tactical space-opera Galaxy in Flames (GiF), slated to launch in the 3rd quarter of 2019.

Crucible is Mjolnir Software’s first public release of their in-house creative content.

“We wanted to design a free mini-game to give the fans a quick view of some of the work that has been done,” said Zach Simmons, Lead Creative Director, adding, “it’s a small taste of our much larger product. Galaxy in Flames is a huge, sprawling universe with deep roots in rich tactical combat and strategic gaming – Galactic Civilizations, Master of Orion, Homeworld, Sins of a Solar Empire – GiF has a lot of gaming layers for its inspiration. In the mini-game that would come before it, we knew it had to be something that was fun, straightforward, and immediately accessible. So for The Crucible we’ve built a classic shooter and are using some early animations and design from GiF. ”

Heralded by the gaming community as the spiritual successor to Relic Entertainment’s landmark Homeworld series, Mjolnir Software’s forthcoming Galaxy in Flames recalls the space epics of yesterday, and then continues in that vein as a completely new standalone game, offering a new set of challenges and experiences. Combining elements from multiple genres including real-time strategy and tactical combat, boasting a dynamic storyline that shifts based on player decisions and reacts in real-time to player choices. Galaxy in Flames is set to debut in 2019.

Galaxy - In - Flames: The Crucible
Available now, exclusively on Indie-Db.com

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